The best ways to hide the pimple blemishes on your skin

It feels really embarrassing, when you have to go out for a dinner, party or have a date and you have got a pimple on your face. That is an awful condition and is painful as well. In such cases Skin care is an important practice and you should get the best skin care products to get rid of pimples that appear on the skin abruptly.

Though pimple may get ruptured and start deteriorating in a few days, but it doesn't mean you will have no sign of it after that. They do leave acne scars and blemishes even they have been pulled out or have got faded away. The situation becomes even more out of the control when you don't know how to get rid of pimples and are unaware of the fact what would happen if you don't find the best way to get rid of pimples. So, if you have got one or few on your face and you need to hide that blemish instantly then you may have some options available for you:

Cool down the skin area by splashing some cold water and leave it without rubbing or drying with a towel. It will help you soothe the skin cells and reduce the blemish.

You can use rose water and apply it in the form a spray or with the help of a cotton swab. It will help you lower the blemish as well.

Applying make up could be your last resort. So, you can apply makeup on the affected area with the help of soft sponge.


But it would not be a good idea to spread the makeup all over your face using the same sponge as it may spread the infection.

In case, you have acne on your other body parts like, if you have got back acne, you should proceed to know about how to get rid of acne and its related issues effectively. In Australia, you can find professional help and best skin care products to treat your acne issues.

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